The History of the School of Dance

"I never want academic rigour to drown sensibility, but on the contrary to allow every personality to express itself freely". Solange Golovine.

How a former stables on the avenue George V became a school of dance where the great names of ballet have passed through as well as several generations of adults and children.

1970 : Beginning of the works on the premises 6 avenue George V.

1971 : Inauguration of the School of Dance by Solange Golovine (prima ballerina and ballet master of the "Ballets du Marquis de Cuevas").
Agnès Faure, former pupil of Solange Golovine, who became her assistant, takes over the administrative management of the school and the post of teacher for children and amateur adults. Madame Golovine took on the artistic management of the professional classes, "formation professionnelle" (Sport-Etudes), preparation for the Ecole de Danse de l'Opéra de Paris, the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de la Ville de Paris and for international competitions.

1978 : new transformation of the studio to gain extra ceiling height.

1981 : Creation of the Compagnie de Ballet Solange Golovine. Agnès Faure is named as administrator of the Ballet.

1993 : Agnès Faure resumes direction of the School of Dance and continues according to the wishes of Solange Golovine.

1993 - 2007 : The school specialises in the teaching of amateur adults and children.

Agnès Faure often says: "I take great pleasure in teaching amateurs. But when I say amateurs it is in the noble sense of the word "THOSE WHO LOVE".

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